• I use Brave Browser.
  • I’m a Brave Creator & Publisher for Basic Attention Token.
  • The software and service is free to download and use.
  • You & I can earn BAT using my link at the bottom.

One-liner Summary

All the good points of Google Chrome, but even better with less ads & tracking, along with a reward system for the user, publisher and advertiser.


What is Brave Browser?

It is a free browser that is built on the Open Source Google Chromium browser software.

The Brave Software mission (in my own words) is to change the way we monazite browsing.

They have changed the way we advertise, tip, reward, earn, publish, by using the Basic Attention Token aka BAT.


Why Should I Use Brave Browser?

  • It’s free.
  • Built on the best software.
  • Blocks ads & trackers.
  • Earn BAT.
  • Tip BAT.
  • Use Chrome Extensions.


It’s Free

Open Source software, modified by the same person who brought us FireFox and so much more, Brendan Eich (read more below).  He is all about improving the way we access and experience the web.


Built on the Best Software

Googles Open Source Chromium web browser engine, is so good, that even Microsoft are going to use it for their web browser.  Internet Explorer was about a different kind of internet, that personally, I wouldn’t have said had my best interests at heart.  And the fact that so many people went out of their way to install a better product, and never looked back, speaks huge volumes.


Blocks Ads & Trackers

Ad blockers have become a norm on many devices these days, and that is probably a sign things need to change.  Privacy and data tracking across websites and devices has also become very sophisticated.

The fact that these things are becoming main stream news, is a sign they have probably been abused, and it’s time for a change.  Brave Software is here to help with that change, join the revolution, be part of the change you want to see.

Don’t be tracked and sold, at least without being compensated.


Earn BAT

You earn by viewing ads you are interested in.  Then you can keep the BAT, or share it with the publishers that bring you the most value.

This is a democratised micro payment system, that is rewarding all involved.



Have you ever wanted to pay publishers really small amounts, maybe $0.10 per visit, and wondered why they can’t receive this?  The current systems, like credit card gateways, take fees that would cost the publisher more than what they receive.  Cryptocurrencies and tokens are part of a solution, that is going to change the way we do more than just browse the internet and make payments.


Use Chrome Extensions

Yep, this makes it an easy choice, you can still install all your favourite Chrome Extensions.



This is an even easier change than going from Internet Explorer to FireFox to Chrome.  Chromium is a proven software, it’s familiar, made faster by blocking ads and trackers, you can install all your favourite tools, and you change the way advertising works.

This is a really nice soft entry into cryptocurrencies.  You earn by using.  No need to sign up to any crazy services, or send money.  No need to download or learn new software.  Once you have accumulated enough tokens, you could then take the next step risk free.

Download Brave (referral link) and if you install on your desktop, you will receive about US$5 BAT, so you can start tipping. (the free BAT offer is limited, after 1,000,000 tokens are distributed, they will stop

Learn about BAT

Change how Users, Publishers, Advertisers monazite attention.  Brendan Eich who was involved in Netscape, co-founded the Mozilla project (behind FireFox) and created JavaScript, is CEO of Brave Software, obviously knows things can be done better.

Brave Download

If you install Brave on your desktop, you can receive about US$5 in BAT.

This is a referral link, where I will earn BAT for your install and usage after 30 days. 


Referral link to download Brave Browser