Ethereum Wallet

Why Use Argent?

  • Simple to use.
  • Supports Ethereum and many ERC20 tokens.
  • Low to No GAS fees on some transactions.
  • Access to DeFi tools in App.
  • Much more…



Onboarding with Argent Wallet

One of the main reasons I use and recommend Argent, is because it’s easy to introduce people to cryptocurrency.

  • People can download the mobile app and setup quickly. 
  • I can then send them $5 of ETH for the coffee we just had. 
  • There are no Argent or Ethereum GAS fees for our transaction.


Ease & Security

Argent is a non-custodial wallet (they don’t hold YOUR keys), so only you can access and control your assets. Not Argent. Not anyone else.

They are using an interesting method called “Guardians”.  These are people you trust and allocate to confirm you are you.

No more writing down recovery phrases and passwords. Just ask your Guardians for help. You need consensus amongst your Guardians to approve a recovery.



Human Readable Addresses

Argent allows you to create a custom Ethereum address like that you can easily send tokens to.  This means you don’t have to remember a complicated string. 

Not all Ethereum apps support this feature yet, but the ones who do, make it easy to send cryptocurrency to myself.




Argent is an app that is a super powerful and useful tool to have in your kit.

I often use it between platforms like Celsius.Network and, because ZERO FEES between Argent and their services, as their in-house tokens are Ethereum ERC20.

Download it, install it, use it.  Share it.

Here Be Dragons

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Do research.  Question everything.  Decide where you are going, and set your sails.

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