Be Paid to Setup Your Accounts

Do you know about the “cost of customer acquisition”?
This is often the advertising cost to acquire a new customer for a business.
How would you like to paid that advertising spend?

Lets do it.

I have been using the following tools, after doing my own research, and like anything, there is risk.  But I feel these tools have the lowest risk on the market today.

You could sign up to some of these tools, wait your 30 days, and take your assets elsewhere, like a Ledger Hardware Wallet.


On & Off Ramp with Card and Interest

Be Paid US$50 in CRO
Receive Free Spotify Premium $155.88/yr
Receive Cash Back in CRO crypto token, starting at 2% for all purchases, up to 10% on special offers like Uber Eats.

Total $205.88 offer a VISA Debit Card that allows you to buy and spend crypto easily.  This is an easy “on-and-off ramp“.

Conditions: Download the app and signup.  That locks in the $50 value.  You can not move it, until after you signup for the card.  You will need to make a deposit of CRO token that is locked for 6 months at a time.  While the CRO token is locked or “staked” you will receive the benefits of the card like Spotify Premium.


Interest Earning Account

Earn Interest with BlockFi

Be Paid US$10 in BTC when you deposit $100
OR Be Paid US$50 in BTC when you deposit $1,00 (limited time offer ends 14 Sep 2020)

Earn 6% APY on Bitcoin
Earn 8.6% APY on Stablecoins

I treat BlockFi as my term investment account.  I put funds in with a plan to save for x months.

Conditions: Deposit in crypto for 30 days.
Promotion Details:

Interest Earning Account

Celsius Bitcoin Interest

Be Paid US$20 in BTC

Earn 4.51% APY on your first Bitcoin
Earn 11.55% APY on Stablecoins
Bonus: They do regular promo codes where you will be paid to deposit more.

Celsius has been an interesting platform.  They have geared it, to be the most beneficial if you use their in-house token CEL.  I hold CEL, and I have gained from its appreciation in value, and also the higher interest I receive paid in CEL.

Conditions: Deposit US$200 for 30 days.

Buy Bitcoin Every Week

Swan Bitcoin DCA Service

Be Paid US$10 in BTC

Stack Bitcoin via Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA).
USA Only.

DCA is a proven way to buy into an asset over a long period of time.  Remove the emotion and thinking.  Just buy Bitcoin every week.

Conditions: Start a weekly saving plan, starting at $5 week.