We are going to start small and simple. There is greater opportunity amongst it, so don’t be discouraged by the initial small amounts. We need to start somewhere and it is great we are able able to obtain some Bitcoin with such little effort. There is also a referral system that will allow us to earn for sending new people to use the website.

You will need a Bitcoin address to be paid to. I would suggest dedicating 1 address from your wallet that you use for all faucets so you can keep track of how much you have earned. If you do not have a Bitcoin address yet, then please follow our tutorial.

Setting up a Bitcoin wallet on your PC

Our Objectives
– Earn Bitcoin so we can receive our first payment
– Learn the system so we can teach others
– Setup a referral link to share with people so we earn for teaching

We are going to use what is known as a faucet. It is called a faucet because they release small varying amounts of cryptocurrency like a leaky faucet might drip water. A note of caution, not all faucets are the same. So I have chosen a faucet that I think is reasonable and not to trashy. So maybe read through this post before you venture off to the faucet so you know what you are looking at, how to use it and are not overwhelmed.

You will be presented with lots of advertising as this helps fund the faucet. If we stay focused on the tasks below it will be easy 😉

I have provided screenshots where I have covered the advertising and highlighted the areas you need to focus on.

Bitcoin Aliens Faucet Step 1-600
Step 1
We will use BitcoinAliens. They offer a fair reward, they have added an aspect of fun through a simple story and game. And they have a referral program that is easy to use.

1. You will need to enter your chosen Bitcoin address, they use this to keep track of your account

Step 2
Bitcoin Aliens Faucet Step 2You will then be taken to the faucet game page where you just need to scroll through the advertising and complete the security capture.

1. Your account balance is in the top right
2. They display the potential winnings in Satoshis, the smallest unit of bitcoins
3. This “Human-check” is the work you need to do
4. If pressing enter after completing the human-check doesn’t work, you may need to press the button at the bottom of the page

Step 3
Bitcoin Aliens Faucet Step 3Your account will be credited with a random amount from the game. You will need to continue playing the game until your balance is at least 5500 satoshi or 0.00005500 bitcoin. Then they will deposit your balance to your address at the end of the week.

1. They display a live countdown until you can make another request on the faucet and your current balance
2. They display the reward you received for filling in the human-check
3. Another countdown just encase you missed the one at the top

Step 4
Bitcoin Aliens Faucet Step 4Now for the passive income part through referrals. Send new people to the site so they can also receive free bitcoin and you will receive a percentage (25% at the time of writing) of their earnings. They even offer free pre-made banner images if you have a site to use them on.

1. The Referral page in the navigation at top left of the site
2. The referral link that you need to share in emails, chat or on other links such as advertising
3. Free pre-made banners that allow you to start fast, or you can make your own

Step 5
Below is my referral link using one of their banners. You will see the HTML code I have used and the finished result. If you use the code below, you will want to replace the “ref=54303” with your number found in Step 4.

<a href="http://bitcoinaliens.com/faucet/?ref=54303" target="_blank" title="Bitcoin Aliens Faucet for Free bitcoins"><img src="http://www.bitcoinaliens.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/468-Gif.gif" alt="Bitcoin Aliens Faucet for Free bitcoins" width="468" height="60" /></a>

Click on this banner to go and setup your account now
Bitcoin Aliens Faucet for Free bitcoins

All Done!
What’s next?! Repeat until you have 5500 Satoshis. Then next week you will receive your payment. Then go and share your referral link on email footers, forum signatures, teach people who want to know about Bitcoin how they can earn some for free.

Please let me know if you found this post helpful. It would be great to hear how your referrals go and if you have any tips to increase them.