The Purpose of This Post

How to earn bitcoin interest with and brief look of why I would risk my BTC with them.

How Much Interest

At the time of writing, they are offering

  • 6% APR on a total of 5 BTC
  • 3.2% on BTC over 5.
  • Paid Monthly
  • Compounding Monthly
  • No minimum deposit amount
  • No minimum deposit time frame (other than for the signup bonus)

They offer a tiered interest rate, so more people with less BTC can receive a better rate.

You can check their current rates here, they update rates every month.


You will need to go through their KYC process.  It is reasonably easy and automated.

I recommend using a non-passport ID where possible, whenever signing up to these services, for your own identity security.


  • They offer 2FA
  • They are licensed in parts of the USA
  • They use Gemini as their primary custodian
  • Their insurance is provided through Gemini

How to Earn Interest

After setting up for your account and becoming verified through KYC you will need to deposit funds.

Deposit Bitcoin

The easy way is to deposit bitcoin directly into their account.  You will start earning right away.

Wire Currency

They offer a money wire service.  When they receive the funds, they convert them to stablecoins, and then you can convert them inside the platform bitcoin.

Things to Know

  • You receive 1 free withdrawal a month for BTC or ETH.
  • You also receive 1 free withdrawal a month for a stablecoin.
  • Minimum withdrawal amount 0.003 BTC

Take a look at their fees schedule.   They update it on occasion, so it’s good to check it every month or so.

Why With BlockFi?

After understanding the platform and who is behind it, I feel more comfortable with a small percentage of my bitcoin with BlockFi due to their relationship and support from Gemini or ultimately the Winklevoss twins.


Be sure to do your own due diligence. I have used their interest earning service.  The link for is a referral link.  You and I will receive a payment for a deposit of US$100 or more and if it is kept it in until after the last day of the current interest month.  At the time of writing, you will earn US$10 in BTC for signing up.