Celsius Network Signup Bonus

This month, Celsius announced they are increasing the signup bonus from $10 in BTC to $20 in BTC.

After signing up (KYC required), you will need to deposit US$200 for 30 days.

That is a 10% gain for 30 days and you will earn interest every week.


Why Signup?

Safely learn about Finance 2.0.

  • Free money.
  • You will receive bitcoin.
  • You will earn more money in 30 days, than a whole year if you put it in the bank to earn interest.
  • After 30 days you can easily take your money out.
  • You now have a great high interest savings account.


How Do I Signup?

Download the App using the button above or here.
(There is no website version.)

Then follow this guide on the official Celsius Network website.


Here Be Dragons

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