• I use Celsius.
  • I hold CEL token.
  • We can both receive from the signup referral.
  • This post is not advice for or against being involved.

The Purpose of This Post

I’m not going to cover Celsius in depth here.  Be sure to do your own due diligence.
I’m sharing how I received;

  • US$10 in BTC signup + deposit.
  • US$10 in CEL promo + deposit.
  • US$10 in BTC promo + deposit.
  • US$50 in BTC promo + deposit.

Total: US$80 for signing up, using promo codes and making a deposit of US$500 in crypto.


Requirements to Redeem

  • Celsius Account (Mobile Only, iPhone or Android).
  • KYC (Know Your Customer).
  • US$500 value in crypto to deposit.
  • 72 hour stand down period.


The Process to Redeem

NOTE: Make 1 deposit at the end, to qualify for all codes.  If you make a deposit before entering all codes, you will need to deposit more.

Step 1: Signup to Celsius.Network using the following referral link https://celsiusnetwork.app.link/1832229e18.

  • We both receive US$10 in BTC after you make the deposit, if you don’t use the link, there is no signup bonus.

Step 2: Once you have completed KYC, inside the app, you want open your “Profile” using the Purple logo in the bottom right, and use the “Enter a promo code” button.

Enter the following promo codes separately and confirm each time;
(NOTE: These promo codes worked for me at the time of writing 2019 12 31, I’m unsure when they expire.)

  • newhome
  • gain10
  • gain50

Step 3: Deposit US$500 of crypto, you only need to make the largest deposit, not a total of all of them.  It could be one coin like Bitcoin or Ethereum or a combination of ones they support, check this link for supported coins.

Step 4: Wait 72 hours for confirmation, then you can either leave your coins in there, and they earn interest, or take them out again.

Bonus Step: I would like to know if it works for you, please comment below.

More On Celsius

I intend to write more posts about Celsius, covering who they are, what their objectives are, how their services work, in particular, the “Earn” feature.

Need Crypto?

If you don’t have cryptocurrency, a reliable place to start could be Circle.  They offer an “on-ramp” or conversion of fiat money to cryptocurrency, into their own Stable Coin, USDC, which is tied to the US Dollar, 1 for 1.

Celsius will accept USDC, making the conversion easy.

Buying a stable coin like USDC, will mean you are not exposed to the market fluctuations, as if you had of bought Bitcoin.  You maybe subject to network transaction fees.