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As I find helpful items that you will need to make the process easier, I will add them here.

Disclaimer; Some links below may be affiliate links where I may receive a reward if you use the product.  There will be no extra cost to you, but any rewards I receive will be very helpful.  I will only recommend products that I have used and found helpful.

Bitcoin Wallets

There is a very large variety of wallets out there. Web, PC, mobile, Windows, OSX, Linux, hardware wallets and even paper wallets. Different wallets serve different functions like being more secure, being fast to load or holding a full copy of the blockchain. Take a look at for a selection of wallets for different situations. Below are wallets we have reviewed and used.

So even though we would all like it to be easy, we all have different needs and variety is a good sign.

Electrum WalletA light weight and fast Wallet for PCs that will work on Windows, OSX and Linux. This is great to start with and learn.


Website Hosting

Some of the content on this site may inspire you to start hosting your own website. Dreamhost is a provider I have been using from 2007 and is WordPress friendly. As I move forward, I do want to find a cryptocurrency payment friendly host that I can also recommend.

DreamHost Logo WordPress friendly hosting service with automated install. They also offer more powerful Virtual Private Servers and automate data transfer between servers.